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4 Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Moms

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To help you out in planning your meals, here is a suggestion of 4 healthy snacks that every super mom should not be without.

Remember that these snacks are easy and quick to eat, have minimal preparation time and are always handy. This way, you can place them on a diaper bag, in your car, in your office desk and almost anywhere else accessible.


1. Natural raw almonds and a small apple

Protein and fat from the almonds paired with the carbohydrates from the apple gives this snack a nice balance.  What is great is you can keep this in your purse, diaper bag, or desk drawer for a few days before needing to toss out the apple.  Keep the serving size to 1/3 cup of almonds so you are carful not to over indulge.

2. 100 calorie snack packs

Yes- these are not ideal but let’s face it, we all need our occasional chocolate covered pretzel fix.  The key here is to limit your serving size.  Don’t get caught up eating 3 or 4 of these bags at a time- that will add up and work against you!

3. Lowfat skim string cheese and an apple or whole-grain crackers

The cheese that’s being referred to here is the pre-packaged string cheese variety. String cheese is a lightweight in the calorie department; they contain about 50 to 70 calories. Eat them as it is or pair them with whole-grain crackers or an apple for a completely balanced snack that will hold you over for 2-3 hours until your next feeding!

4. Light and fit greek yogurt with 1/3 cup of oats mixed in

Light and fit yogurt keeps the sugars in check as not all yogurt is created equal in this department. Mix in 1/3 cup oats and you have just added fiber to keep you fuller longer.

Try to look for handy snacks which are about 200-300 calories worth, and consume them every two to three hours. You will keep your blood sugar level through the day and in turn, this will keep you from binging on junk as well. Plan ahead or plan to fail!

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