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How Do You Know If You Are Making Progress?

By Thursday, May 29, 2014 0 , , , , Permalink

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This morning I weighed in for my weekly “how well did I do last week” check.  When I saw the number on the scale, I freaked.  I have a new coach, a new meal plan, and a new workout so how the heck does the scale say the EXACT same thing it did last week? I thought the scale needed a minute to wake up (you all know what I mean!) so I stepped off….waited a minute and then stepped back on. There it was again. The same number as last week.  How can this be? I have been on point all week!

I had about 10 seconds of “screw this, I need a pack of doughnuts and movie day to deal with this” moment.  Wait- could my scale be lying to me?  I then quickly grabbed my tape measure and started measuring myself.  Low and behold- I am down a little over 6 inches this week.  WHAT!?!  Yep- 6 INCHES!  BAM!

THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE and take pictures of yourself now! Side, front, and back- body length. Now, take out your measuring tape and get to measuring!  Trust me when I say you will be so glad you did. Sometimes progress isn’t noticed by us or those closest to us so having these photos and measurements and taking new ones every 2 weeks will really show you how hard you have worked!! The scale is NOT a good indicator of your body composition because you can always trade muscle for fat….resulting in the scale number not moving so then you feel defeated when in actuality, you have gained muscle! (yay for muscle!) Bathing suit shots or underclothes shots are best to take so you can see those small but meaningful changes.

Why are you still sitting there? You have pictures and measurements to take!


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